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Handmade cards
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Why Card Making?


SATH is a small not for profit organization. Card-making has helped us take a self-help approach to meeting small expenditures for our wider programs.  


Children’s creative skills were developed in different areas of handicraft. We have trained members to make things like bracelets, photo frames and cards. We remember with pride one of the most talented members of SATH, Miss Huma, who has since died. She was an expert in handicrafts and her inspiration is part of what keeps card-making our main focus in fundraising.


As well as providing limited resources for SATH’s own work, we have also used the profits from card making whenever we needed to support or help others. When our country experienced disasters, when have been able to use this income to help those in earthquake or flood affected areas.


Supplying cards locally and abroad


Initially we supplied cards locally but now we would like to offer them over-seas too.  We offer cards for all special occasions including Christmas and Easter, Birthdays, Weddings, Invitations, Congratulations, Thank you, Missing You, Good Luck and Get Well Soon cards. ,


We ask you to be a part of this effort by ordering as many cards as you can!


How to order cards:

To order for the cards you just need to email us informing about how many cards you need. In your email mentioned very clearly which occasion or events you want such the cards for. Here is our email ID:


The different cards have different price according to the work done on them and the material used to make them. We add the cost of secure postage onto your order.

When we receive your request we will email you with a cost for materials, production and costing.

Payment method:

You can order via Money Gram, Western Union or via a transfer to our organization’s account. Once payment is received we will start work on your order and advise you of the expected delivery time. We have practice in responding to urgent orders too!