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                     To find funding partner to help run SATH

          To raise funds for new rooms with the necessary equipment

          To buy a van to enable our disabled members to access activities and training

          To develop a trained team to provide better service to the PWDs

          To lobby for support from the government departments

          To increase the involvement of the community in rehabilitation

                     To take part in national and international awareness raising initiatives


SATH works in a challenging situation. Volunteers have worked hard day and night over many years to make SATH known in the city of Toba Tek Singh and the neighboring areas. We have a real heart for this work. We have no paid staff and many of our volunteers do not have the funds to cover travel expenses. This limits their area of outreach. Lack of funds can also make it hard to carry on this important work when resources are lacking to visit those with disabilities in their own communities or to bring them and their parents to the centre for training.


Areas of Pakistan where SATH is keen to respond to need:


1. Toba Tek Singh

2. Faisalabad

3. Lahore

4. Khanewal

5. Gojra

6. Jhang

7. Multan

8. Karachi