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Examples of our achievements:


  • Distribution of 9 wheelchairs in the community
  • Launched an awareness program to promote the rights of person with disabilities.
  • 1 year program with polio victims saw improvements in the lives of 25 local people.
  • Muhammad Bilal came to SATH for five years for therapy between the ages of 11 and 16. The care and encouragement he received enabled him to study right up to Class Ten.
  • Interfaith dialogue promoted through Christian outreach to Muslim people with disabilities. Activities to mark festivals such as Ramadan.
  • Fundraising to help victims of the Pakistani earthquake, the Asian Tsunami and Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma. (Sale of greetings cards, bracelets and wallets and printed T shirts)
  • Person with disabilities supported to visited earthquake areas in Pakistan and take part in interactive theatre.
  • 4 Loyal volunteers retained for 8 years
  • Training given to students and some older women within the community so that they can contribute as volunteers
  • Networking with national and international organizations in related fields.

Wheelchairs have so far been donated to SATH by:


The District Council of Toba Tek Singh


Salman Pirzada


Brother Frank (Bangladesh)